Note-taking for students

Note-taking plays an important role for academic success.

Set yourself up for success with Organizedly's student program.

We offer students a 50% discount.

Starting from 3€ /month.

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Why students love Organizedly

Learning is all about connecting information. We provide you a set of tools for gaining deep understanding.

Lecture notes that speak with you

Write down your lecture notes in your own words. Link your notes and visualize how they are connected.

Low-effort organizing information

Just start typing. Create links and tags on the fly. Create todo's wherever, we'll keep track of them.

Visualize to understand complex topics

Use our whiteboards for creating mind maps and workspaces for your coursework.


How does it work?

‍To join our student program, please follow these steps:

1. Create an account with your university or educational institute email address.

2. Send an email to with the subject "Student program".

3. We will activate the program for you.

Say goodbye to chaos

Tired of working with multiple tools for notes, tasks, and your calendar? Organizedly will save you time and make your knowledge management fun and efficient.


What gets scheduled, gets done


Write once, find forever


Capture, organize, engage

Safety first

Secure you content with end-to-end encryption

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Upgrade your note-taking with blocks

Become a master note-taker with blocks and saved searches. Use blocks as your foremost tool in organized note-taking. Saved searches make sure no blocks are left behind.

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