What gets scheduled, gets done

The calendar is an essential building block for productivity. Combined with your todo-list, notes, and integrations to third-party calendars, it's your productivity powerhouse.

Drag-and-drop tasks from your todo-list

On the left-side of the calendar page, you can see a list of unscheduled tasks. These are automatically sorted in order of priority. You can drag these tasks on your calendar to schedule them. All unscheduled tasks are automatically displayed on this list. This allows you to quickly create tasks without the need of determining a start and due date. A good practice is to have a habit of scheduling tasks for example when planning the next day or week.

Quick actions

By hovering a task you can perform the following quick actions:

1. Delete task

2. Duplicate task

3. Mark a task as completed

Hover over a task to duplicate, remove, or mark as completed


The tasks are colored based on their tags. For example, if you give a tag the color red, all tasks with that color will be red on the calendar.

Integrate to Google Calendar

Integrate your Google Calendar to Organizedly from the account page. Once integrated, all Google Calendar events will show up on the calendar in Organizedly. By default, these are not created as tasks. You can add the events as tasks by clicking on an event. Events that are added as tasks are bidirectionally connected, meaning an update on either platform will update the other.

If you use colour codes in your Google Calendar, the colours will automatically be reflected in the Organizedly calendar.

Edit tasks

Click on a task to open the editing view. You can also drag tasks to different time slots and resize to allocate more or less time to a task.