Simple and powerful blocks

Each note consists of one or several blocks. Blocks are a powerful tool for organizing information with low effort. Blocks belong to one parent note, but can be synchronized to any other note.

Finding blocks is easy through tags and saved searches. These can find your blocks regardless of what note they belong to.

Mark blocks as favourites

We need to access certain blocks often. For example, you might need a code snippet or an email template on a regular basis. To make this easy, you can mark a block as a favourite by clicking on the heart icon, as demonstrated below. Find your favourite blocks by clicking on Favourites in the left sidebar.

Mark your blocks as favourites

Synchronizing blocks

Sometimes we want to display the same information in two different notes. A block can be synchronized to several notes easily. A change in any of the occurrences of the block will reflect to all other occureences. Synchronize a block by clicking on the wheel icon in the bottom right corner and select Sync block. Then, navigate to another note and you will have the option to synchronize the block along with adding new blocks.

Add a synced block to a note by clicking on the bottom-right button