The powerful right sidebar

The right sidebar is a great tool for accessing information without the need to navigate.

It consists of four sections:

Calendar view

View all your daily calendar events. To make it more effective, connect your Google or Microsoft calendar.

Task view

A daily kanban board with your tasks for the day. The progress counter will give you an idea of how much work you have left.

All completed tasks are automatically moved to the bottom of the list.

Note editing view

Sometimes we want to work on multiple notes simultaneously. The right sidebar is the perfect solution for this scenario. Open any note, or create a new note, swiftly using the powerful right sidebar. You can have multiple notes open in the sidebar.

Linked notes

When you have a note open in the main view, you can visualize how it is connected from the right sidebar. See its direct connections, incoming and outgoing, along with its unlinked references. The unlinked references are notes that mention the title of the selected note.

The powerful right sidebar