The Planner

The planner is a tool for managing daily tasks with minimal effort. The benefits of the planner is that tasks are not left behind, as all incomplete tasks for a day will automatically be moved to the backlog list.

How does it work?

The planner consists of two kinds of lists.

The backlog shows all backlog tasks and all overdue tasks. The progress counter on top of the list will give you an understanding of how many tasks are overdue and how many in the backlog.

The backlog list is followed by daily lists for the following four days. Drag and drop tasks to assign them to a day.

The best thing since sliced bread

When you mark a task as completed, it will automatically be moved to the bottom of the list. Please note that all items in the planner are sorted by priority.

Sorting the planner

The planner show by default all your tasks from all collections. You can filter this view by selecting a collection. This is useful for example in situations where you want to see all your work related or side-project related tasks.