Getting Started with Tasks

We believe that tasks, notes, and a calendar belong together. A task created in a note, or anywhere else in Organizedly, will automatically appear in your calendar and todo-list.


There are four ways of creating a new task

  1. From the task-list
  2. Typing the task inside a note (shortcut: CMD/CTRL + .)
  3. By selecting a time in the calendar
  4. Using the quick add button in the left navigation bar

Working with the task management tool

If a task is created from a note, you will see a note icon in the task details. By clicking on it, the note will open in the right-sidebar.

The task-list is ordered by default by priority. You can change the priority of a task by clicking on the priority icon on the left side of a task.

Tasks can be marked as completed by clicking on the circle icon in the task.

In the list view, create subtasks by hovering on a task on pressing the + button. You can also swiftly add subtasks by pressing Shift + Enter on a task.

The task management tool has three views:

  1. Planner
  2. List view
  3. Kanban

All three views are connected and you will see the same tasks in all of them.