Daily flow

The daily note lowers the barrier of starting writing. It's a great tool for journaling and jotting daily information that might not need a permanent note of its own. This helps in keeping your notes tidy and organized.

How does it work?

To create a daily note navigate to the daily feature and you will see a button for creating a note. Easy peasy.

By scrolling on the list, you will see all your past daily notes. If you'd like to navigate to a specific date, click on the calendar icon and select the desired date. You can also select days in the future for creating notes for you future self.

Daily notes

Searching daily notes

In the notes view (click "Notes" in the main left sidebar, you will see a list of all your notes. By pressing on the calendar icon, you can choose to show/hide the daily notes.

Similarly, for the saved searches, you can choose to show or hide the daily notes.