Create new notes

Notes can be created in multiple ways. First, the most obvious one, is by pressing on the new note button in the main left sidebar. Once pressed, the new note will be created.

Create a new note for a collection by hovering on the title of the collection and pressing on the add button. Similarly, you can add child notes to notes in collections. You can add an infinite number of child notes.

Notes can be added to collections and removed from collections at any time from the note details.

Another way to create notes is by navigating to an existing note and typing the [[ characters followed by the title of the new note. The new note is automatically linked to the open note.

Note inception. Creating a note inside a note.

Creating notes from a task is beneficial in situations where you have to produce content before an event takes place, for example an important meeting. By creating a note from a task, you can always find the connected note in the task details. By default, the newly created note will have the title of the task.

Create a note from a task