Essential building blocks for productivity

Notes, tasks, and calendars seamlessly together for increased productivity. Organizedly allows you to quickly capture information and always finding it easily.


Let your notes do the work

Notes are a tool for understanding and remembering.
We provide you with a set of tools that make note-taking efficient and enjoyable.


Link any note to another note. Simply type [[ and select a note.

Intuitive tagging

Create tags anywhere within a note.

Unlinked references

List all notes that mention the title of a note.


Advanced queries for filtering blocks that include/exclude tags.


Multi-level folder structure where you need it.


Group notes by their tags or collections.

Graph view

Visualize how your notes are connected to each other.

Edit in sidebar

Work on multiple notes without navigating.

Daily note

Each day deserves a note. The daily note is automatically created.


Each note consists of blocks. Blocks can be tagged and found separately through queries.

Advanced editor

Our advanced editor allows you to add pictures, links, and format your text.


Attach a document to your blocks. You can also view PDF's swiftly in our sidebar.


Capture, organize, engage

Capture tasks swiftly as soon as they enter your mind. Drag-and-drop to organize and schedule. Follow-up quickly using the sidebar.


Two-level Kanban boards to give you an overview and detailed view.


What gets scheduled, gets done.

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Drag-and-drop tasks directly to your calendar.

Third-party integrations

Integrate your Google or Microsoft calendars.

Quick view

View your tasks in the sidebar in either calendar or list view.

View completed tasks

Search completed tasks

Quick capture

Capture tasks as soon as they enter your mind.

Tasks inside notes

No more forgotten tasks inside notes!

Recurring tasks

Plan your recurring work with ease.


Create a workspace that works for you

Whiteboards are great for visualizing information and breaking complex topics into smaller chunks of information.

Build a whiteboard that looks like you.

Mind maps

Brainstorm using mind maps. Easy keyboard shortcuts for reducing friction.

Sticky notes

Add comments or any other information to your whiteboards.

Kanban boards

Connect an existing kanban board or create a new one inside a whiteboard.

Connect notes

Connecting notes has never been easier. Drag the edge of a note to connect it to another.


Create a stunning website from your notes

Publish a note with only one click. We'll create a beautifully designed website for you automatically.

View demo:

Filter by tags

We will automatically categorize your website based on the tags.

One-click publish

Publishing content has never been easier.

Author profile

Add your picture and name to create trust and credibility.

Custom domain

In addition to the domain we provide, you can use your own.

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