Blocks you can't live without

Notes consist of blocks. Blocks consist of content. That content can be anything, as long, or as short, as you wish.

Blocks allow you to become more organized with low effort. There are multiple use-cases where blocks are useful, one of which is recurring meetings. Consider this example: you have a weekly meeting each Monday with your team. You always take notes on what was discussed and agreed upon.

Instead of creating a new note each time, you simply create a new block inside the same note. This reduces the number of notes you have and makes information easier to find. And the best part: each block can be tagged and found individually.

Effective note-taking with blocks

Keep your second brain neat and tidy

Using blocks, you can show and hide information as you wish. This helps in keeping your second brain neat and tidy. You can add new blocks anywhere within a note and easily rearrange the blocks.

Saved searches make blocks come to life

Saved searches will find your blocks based on their tags. Saved searches look for individual blocks across all your notes and show you exactly what you are looking for. Consider this example: you use the tag #meetings for all your blocks for meetings. You want to quickly view all your meeting blocks that exclude the topic marketing.

You can easily create a search that fetches all blocks with the tag #meetings and without the tag #marketing. This is done across all your notes.

Saved search
A saved search that find all blocks with the tag #meeting

Get started with saved searches

Create your first saved search! Navigate to any note and select Saved searches from the left sidebar. On the bottom of the page you will find a New search button. Configure your search and you're good to go!