Lesson 3: Engage and reflect

In the previous lessons, we learned how to capture and organize your tasks. Now it's time to get them done. Let's go.


By now, your tasks should be written in a clear and understandable way and you will find them in your calendar and/or planner. Once you are done with a task, mark it as completed. It doesn't only give you a small dopamine spike, it also helps in keeping your todo-list clean.

To engage with your tasks, you don't always need to navigate to the calendar or planner. Using the right sidebar, you can always access your tasks while working on other notes.

Work on your daily tasks with the right sidebar

If you are unable to complete a task before its deadline, no worries, it is automatically shown in the backlog list of the planner. Reschedule it to another day.

The planner keeps you on track


Review and process the tasks regularly. Create a habit of going through your task list at least once a week. We recommend doing this at the end of each day to prepare you for the following day. Wake up as a winner with clear tasks. Change priorities, evaluate whether a task is still relevant, and schedule your tasks.