Lesson 1: Capture

As we learned in the first lesson of the note-taking course, capturing information should be as frictionless as possible. This course is inspired by David Allens Getting Things Done methodology.

We can capture two types of information:

  • Actionable (tasks)
  • Informative (notes)

If you cannot decide on the spot which type the information is, use our daily notes feature. You can turn notes into tasks easily.

What to capture

If a task is actionable and takes less than two minutes, do it immediately. This is a tool against procrastination and will prevent small things from piling up on your todo-list. Get to it. Don't lose time and effort by organizing quick tasks.

For tasks that are longer than two minutes, add them in Organizedly.

How to capture

When you are writing a task for yourself, that takes longer than two minutes, be clear about the desired outcome. Write it in a way that you will understand it if you saw the task for the first time.

The goal is that you should understand the task immediately when opening it in a couple of days or weeks when it's not longer in your working memory. Chunk large tasks in to small bite-sized tasks. Subtasks are a perfect tool for this.

If you do not have time to specify the entity or project, don't worry, you can do it at a later stage. Organizedly is designed to make capturing and organizing tasks seamless. The less friction, the better.

Chunk big tasks into small subtasks

When to capture

Capture your tasks as soon as they enter your mind to free-up mental space. Otherwise, you will be distracted.

Consider this example. You are writing on an article and suddenly remember that you need to file your taxes. This thought distracts you from writing the article. To regain focus, you need to get it out of your mind to an external system. Write it down in Organizedly.

Using the quick capture feature

Capture your tasks with low friction using the quick capture feature. Find it in the left sidebar. To lower friction even further, this feature recognizes natural text such at "tomorrow at 14" or "high priority".

How to get started

Form a habit of writing down your thoughts. If you're unsure whether a task should be written down or not, write it down in the daily notes. You can turn it into a task by pressing cmd/ctrl + .(dot).