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Organizedly is a productivity powerhouse that makes you organized and more productive

Tired of working with multiple tools for notes, tasks, and your calendar? Organizedly will save you time and make your knowledge management a fun and efficient.


What gets scheduled, gets done


Write once, find forever


Capture, organize, engage

Safety first

Secure you content with end-to-end encryption

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Notes that work for you

Your notes are a tool for understanding and remembering. Release your inner superhuman with connected notes and todos.

Write down your thoughts and gain understanding through visualizing how your thoughts are connected. Don't worry where you place your notes, connections and tags ensure you will always find them.


Never miss a todo

Capture your tasks in seconds as soon as they enter your mind. We have minimized the cognitive burden of thinking where you should place a certain task. Capture your tasks directly within notes or by using our task management tool. No more forgotten tasks inside notes!

Drop tasks directly to your kanban board or calendar to organized and schedule them. What gets scheduled, gets done.

Upgrade your note-taking with blocks

Become a master note-taker with blocks and saved searches. Use blocks as your foremost tool in organized note-taking. Saved searches make sure no blocks are left behind.

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Integrate to your existing calendar

Save time by integrating your Google or Microsoft calendar with Organizedly.

The connection is bidirectional, you can update an event in Organizedly and that is reflected to your third-party calendar.

High-value, low investment

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